What if your bike commute could power your neighbourhood?

What if your bike commute could power your neighbourhood?


Say hello to S-PARK

Every day, Amsterdammers cycle 2 million kilometers all together. When people pedal to work, to the gym or to the other side of the city, an average of 19.5 million watt-hours is generated. It’s a crazy amount of energy — enough to power thousands of households. What if we could bring this energy back home? This, is exactly the idea behind the S-PARK; a bike rack that turns the energy produced by people on their bike, into electricity for their own neighborhood.

How does it work? Simple. Every neighbour is given a special front wheel. Once installed, it stores the energy generated while cycling and braking in batteries. And at the end of the day, when everyone comes back home and parks their bike, the energy is then redistributed into the neighbourhood’s electrical grid, providing enough clean electricity to power all the surrounding streetlights, to play video games or power a fridge during a full day.



We are Guillaume Roukhomovsky and Blaž Verhnjak — not only a team of designers but also a duo of bike enthusiasts who strongly believe the future won’t happen without bikes. And the S-PARK is not our first attempt. In the past, we helped a bike brand to take a stand and say F*CK CARS. For European Mobility Week, we also invited Parisian drivers to ditch their cars and switch to bikes . And now, the S-PARK is taking us a step further. It’s not just a statement or a vision: it’s a real thing we want to make — to propel Amsterdam, and cities, forward.


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